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  • Mediation – a way of doing business

    Since I became accredited as a mediator I have realised that becoming a professional mediator didn’t require me to learn any new skills. I only needed to learn how to use existing skills in a more structured and deliberate way. Mediation happens all the time in business without always being obviously mediation. As a Project Manager I have always applied mediation skills to remove friction between members of the project team so that the project runs smoothly, to resolve situations that threaten to disturb a project outcome or to prevent potential disputes from happening. Before I became a Mediator I didn’t recognise what I had been doing as “mediation”. Mediation (and mediators) needn’t be seen as something to be kept in a box until all else fails. Mediation is part of a continuum of business skills that can be applied at all levels of conflict management, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution. If you think your project or organisation could benefit from some reduction in friction or dispute avoidance I would be very happy to discuss how early intervention mediation may be suitable.

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