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  • It’s all About People

    Two recent events, at the opposite ends of the dispute scales, have reminded me that everything is about people.

    The first event was a lecture by a barrister on a particular point of law that doesn’t seem to have any clear opinion attached to it. Examples of case law and opinions were discussed in relation to the meanings of wording in standard contracts and whether a particular case would clarify a hither-to unresolved point of law. The law is made by people to help regulate the way people interact with each other and the law is applied and interpreted by people. Parties in dispute have their own needs concerning how a dispute is settled, but the professionals employed to advise on the disputes also bring their set of needs with them – professional, personal, financial and reputation. All these various peoples’ needs then must be met by navigating a way through a legal system set up by people.

    The other event was a mediation between neighbours about noise, rubbish, pets and children. All the everyday problems arising from too many people living in too small an area. The people involved had their needs to live their lives in peace and free of disturbance from their neighbour. It wasn’t until they recognised each other as just regular people trying to get by exactly the same as they were that they were able to agree to work together to reduce the impact of everyday activities on each other.

    In both cases it was all about people their needs and expectations. In the commercial world this gets hidden by job titles, professional qualification and company/organisation positions. Underneath all that it is still just people trying to work it all out.

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